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You really can’t expect too much out of 2017 Topps Series 2, but we busted open a case and ripped it apart anyway. Did this follow-up to Series 1 beat expectations, or was it just another ho-hum low-end money grab? Also, is it really that obvious that I tried a new recording technique? Oh, well. I’ll do better next time. Enjoy!

I had a lot more fun opening 2017 Topps Archives than I expected, but still had my nits to pick. Here are my thoughts in the latest Gut Reaction product review!

I tore open some Pro Debut for the first time ever, and it gets my harshest review to-date. Find out why in this installment of Gut Reaction!

Biggest Baseball Card Busts

Posted: May 22, 2017 by Crackin' Wax in Lists
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Whether or not we openly admit to it, we collectors at one point or another have chased at least ONE baseball card in the hopes that it would gain some sort of significant monetary or trade value. Some players and cards seem like a sure thing, but then a guy tears an elbow ligament and that card you once chased and treasured so much does nothing but collect dust and mock you and the rest of your collection. Just sitting there, pointing at you and laughing. What a bastard. I wanna know, what’s the biggest baseball card bust in YOUR collection? Let me know here, and within a couple of weeks, I’ll feature some of your pics on an upcoming video!

I’m running thru some topics for some upcoming videos, and I started thinking about some of the absolute worst baseball card products I’ve ever ripped. 2008 Topps Moments & Milestones came to mind (even though I scored a case hit). I only bought one box of the stuff and I still recall scratching my head at what seemed at the time to be convoluted execution. It’s definitely not a product I want to see return (but that’s just me).

What, in your opinion, are the worst baseball card products ever made, and why? We’ll be producing a video featuring some of your picks, so be as detailed as you want!