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As you probably know, I had the opportunity to rip a full case of 2017 Bowman over the weekend and have plenty of video evidence to prove it. Below is a tweet containing my “Gut Reaction” product review of this year’s Bowman based on that case, featuring a special shoutout to Night Owl Cards. If you’d like a chance to be selected for a special shoutout on our next Gut Reaction video, be sure to follow us on Twitter and Retweet the tweet below!


We’re headed for Prospect City in this the 69th Anniversary celebration of Bowman! (I’d like to quickly point out that Topps, as they’ve done with other products in the past, has jumped the gun by a full year once again. They’re actually touting this as Bowman’s 70th Anniversary. Bowman was first produced in 1948. It is currently 2017. Bowman was bought out by Topps in 1956 and production was ceased under the Bowman name until 1989. So, this is neither the 70th year that it has been produced, nor is it its 70th anniversary. But I digress.) Our case of 2017 Bowman is staring me in the face just begging to be ripped apart. We’ll be broadcasting the carnage live tomorrow afternoon, Saturday April 29 2017 at 1pm C. Come back to the 2017 Bowman break page to watch live and join the chat, or come back later to watch the replay!