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I had a lot more fun opening 2017 Topps Archives than I expected, but still had my nits to pick. Here are my thoughts in the latest Gut Reaction product review!

As you know, I busted a hobby box of Archives tonight. Each year I break Archives, I always go in thinking I’m going to hate it and come away having had a good time. They did some things that I appreciated (replicating card stock, Gold Winner parallels, etc.), but I wish there was just a little bit more in that box.

Peach Jacoby Jones RC
Jeter Reprint Green Foil /99
Felix Hernandez Gold Winner
Bryce Harper Image Variation
4 Bazooka Minis
2 additional Jeter Reprints
2 1960 Rookie Stars
2 Retro Originals
2 Autos

I also promised to eat a Zack Hample autograph for charity if I pulled it.

We’ve got our box of 2017 Topps Archives in and we’ll be busting it live tomorrow Saturday June 3 2017 at 5pm C. As always, be back here then to watch and chat with us live, or come back any time afterwards to catch the replay!