2017 Topps Chrome Jumbo ½ Case PYT Now Available

Posted: July 31, 2017 by Crackin' Wax in Group Break
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We all know that because of the Judge/Bellinger affect, prices on new wax has exploded over the past few months. That’s why I decided to scale back our full Jumbo case down to a half Jumbo case. But, guess what? It turns out that joining a Jumbo half case break is BY FAR more valuable than joining a full standard hobby case break. Here’s the breakdown of the numbers…

2017 Topps Chrome Baseball Hobby 12 Box Case, $1749.95, 2 autos/box, 24 total autos, $72.91/auto.
2017 Topps Chrome Baseball Jumbo HTA 8 Box Case, $1974.95, 5 autos/box, 40 total autos, $49.38/auto.

Let’s break it down a little further.

Full Hobby Case, 24 total autos, $1749.95
Half Jumbo Case, 20 total autos, $987.48

That means a fully hobby case costs $762.47 more than a half jumbo case and has ONLY four more autos.

From where I’m sitting, if you’re going to join a 2017 Topps Chrome break, your best bet is to find someone breaking Jumbo… and wouldn’t ya know it? I just so happen to be breaking Jumbo! Grab your team now! Breaks Saturday!


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