Someone Stole Our MLB The Show 17 Codes

Posted: June 20, 2017 by Crackin' Wax in General
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MLB The Show 17 Code Card

On Saturday night, we busted a full case of 2017 Topps Series 2. In that case, we pulled 30+ MLB The Show 17 code cards. I delivered one card to each person in the break, and the leftovers went to another person. I have heard from some people that their codes have already been redeemed. The obvious answer is that someone watched our entire break, paused the video each time I pulled a code card, and stole the code.

Yes, I should have been more careful. I should not have allowed the codes to be shown on screen. Lesson learned. I do have to wonder, though, what kind of pathetic lowlife scans through a nearly five hour long video of a baseball card case break with the intent to STEAL?

So, if you were in our 2017 Topps Series 2 charity case break and your MLB The Show 17 code card does not work, I sincerely apologize. In the future, I will be more careful with any potential code cards that may be pulled in future products. As for the thief, you owe me and a lot of other people an apology.

  1. fanofreds says:

    I wonder if you could send SONY the video and have them check to see who redeemed the codes? I just bought The Show ’17 yesterday (but I haven’t had a chance to try it yet)… What are the codes actually for?

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