Posted: May 12, 2017 by Crackin' Wax in Group Break
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At approximately 1pm Central time, tracking changed to indicate that I made a same-day/will call pickup request—which I did not do. My guess is that someone at my local UPS Customer Center made that decision for me.

A few minutes ago, UPS called and left a voicemail for me.

So, not only did they mishandle the package, then lose the package, then request pickup on my behalf, they’re only giving me a 30 minute window tonight to pick up the package.

What can brown do for me? None of the above, for starters.

  1. chonk344 says:

    At my old apartment complex, the UPS driver would pull into the parking lot, jump out with a stack of ‘We Missed You…’ notices, and run around slapping them on doors before sprinting to his truck to get out of there before anyone could catch him and ask for their stuff. No knocks, no attempts to deliver, just the sticker on the door. Then you had to make time to go to the depot to pick them up in the evening after he’d driven them around all day.

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