2017 Bunt Divisional Box Break POSTPONED—Package Lost (Thanks, UPS)

Posted: May 12, 2017 by Crackin' Wax in Group Break
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This is why I never have cards shipped to my home. Normally, I have them sent to my P.O. Box, sacrificing an extra day so the postal workers can sort the shipment so I know my items have arrived safely. This time, I chose to have our box of Bunt sent to my home with efficiency in mind. Turns out I’ll be waiting far longer than a day, and am left empty handed and out some money.

Our box of Bunt, purchased from Blowoutcards, was marked as Out For Delivery all day yesterday. It never arrived. I stopped by the UPS Customer Center to see if the package was still there. Their records show that the box never arrived. In fact, not only do they have no idea why it was ever marked as Out For Delivery, they have no idea where the package is—even though tracking states that it made it at least as far as their hub. I was sent home and told that they would call me if they find the box—”IF” being the massively operative word.

I have never had a shipment of cards for a break mishandled or lost before, so this is brand new territory for me. I am temporarily postponing the Bunt portion of the break until I can figure out a solution. Worst case scenario, I’ll go to my LCS and pick up another box and pay for it out of pocket.


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