Worst. Baseball Card. Products. Ever.

Posted: May 8, 2017 by Crackin' Wax in General
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I’m running thru some topics for some upcoming videos, and I started thinking about some of the absolute worst baseball card products I’ve ever ripped. 2008 Topps Moments & Milestones came to mind (even though I scored a case hit). I only bought one box of the stuff and I still recall scratching my head at what seemed at the time to be convoluted execution. It’s definitely not a product I want to see return (but that’s just me).

What, in your opinion, are the worst baseball card products ever made, and why? We’ll be producing a video featuring some of your picks, so be as detailed as you want!

  1. Waxtopia says:

    2008 Stadium Club was pretty awful. Nothing like the original SC, crappy stock,and completely confusing set structure.

    From the junk era it doesn’t get much shittier than 91 Donruss.(excluding Elites) Boring ugly design, lack of rookies and mega-mass produced

  2. Panini’s resurrection of the Triple Play brand in 2012/13. No photographs of players just generic drawings that look like something from Clip Art, crappy stock, only manufactured “hits”, boring puzzle cards in every pack that aren’t even actual puzzle pieces like the ones found in junk era packs. It’s so bad that you can get a full 20 box case for $40. No wonder it’s a favorite of repack companies.

    Dishonorable mention: another favorite of repackers, Leaf’s 2012 Pete Rose product. Nothing more than sub-par, and sometimes awkward photos of Rose. Very little information on the cards other than a bland description of what the photo depicted. Throw in an autograph in every box and they very effectively destroyed what market there was left for the hit king’s signature.

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