Introducing: Hero Habit

Posted: March 13, 2017 by Crackin' Wax in General
Hero Habit alt logo

A while back, I got to know a guy from California who is a pretty big A’s fan. He’s known for a few things across the web already, such as the Swingin’ A’s podcast and Hardly Serious (which at the time spawned the much under appreciated Take Me To The Pilot podcast featuring Literal Quirk). Thru our chats, his curiosity about trading cards had been resparked. He even bought into a break or two with us. After a while, his skill in writing, his love of baseball, and his newfound interest in trading cards all morphed into one brilliant hub. HERO HABIT.

Hero Habit was founded in an attempt to bring new collectors to the hobbies surrounding sports and entertainment as well as serve existing collectors with a flexible database, active news feed, and social network designed with them in mind.

Hero Habit is not intended for the casual fan, although they are welcome to stop by. Hero Habit is designed for the die hard, the person who can’t go to the store without returning with a pack of cards, the person who owns more jerseys than regular shirts, the person who camps out at theaters for midnight premieres, the person who buys one comic book to read and a second to keep in mint condition, and the person who has action figures trapped in boxes. We’re here for the people that know that they don’t have a hobby, they have a habit that consumes much of their waking day and we’re here to enable your habit!

His website is incredible—dare I say “tremendous!” It covers pro sports and faux sports (from Baseball to WWE), comics, music, movies, all sorts of trading cards, collectible figures, and a heck of a lot more. Their amazing checklists are sortable and, IMO, the best in the biz. Go ahead and check out the 2017 Heritage checklist for yourself. You’ll be impressed! The site even includes forums to get in on the discussion.

So, please. Do me a favor. Do YOURSELF a favor. Give Hero Habit five minutes of your day today. Kick the tires. Join the community. You’ll be hooked. It’ll be your new habit.


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