2017 Topps Base Design

Posted: August 9, 2016 by Crackin' Wax in Topps
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I’m curious how this format looks with parallels, chrome, autos, etc. I like the fact that Topps is keeping things fresh and carried over the full bleed photos from 2016. What are your thoughts concerning the new 2017 Topps baseball card base design?
  1. thoughtsandsox says:

    Thank god they got rid of the smoke this year. Actually I think 2017 is one of the best designs they have had in years. I don’t know how parallels will work but chrome shouldlook great.

  2. salvomania says:

    Horrible design. I intensely dislike distorted design elements—such as the typefaces and team logos above—and ugly, space-wasting graphic components that serve no functional or design purpose. As a kid I would meticulously copy team logos off of baseball cards to the point that I could expertly draw a old English Detroit “D” or perfectly execute the interlocking components of the Blue Jays’ bird and maple leaf (I grew up to become a graphic designer). Good luck to any kid trying that now, with the compressed/distorted logos.

    As offensive as the fronts are, the backs are even worse: just 5 years of stats? Printed over a mess of a scribbly patterned background? Yuck.

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