Museum Case Break—THE AFTERMATH!

Posted: April 18, 2016 by Crackin' Wax in Museum Collection
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First of all, before I even talk about anything else, I just want to acknowledge the image posted above. That is a screenshot of the confirmation page of our donation to V-DAY from the 2016 Topps Museum Collection charity case break. We raised $300. That brings our total lifetime amount to over $6000 raised for various charities! You guys freakin’ rule, you know that? AWESOME!

The break was a very fun time, especially with a healthy LQ back on board to give me her usual good dose of shit like she loves to do and to provide her eagle-eyed card sorting. Of course, sorting 250 cards shouldn’t be too challenging. To her credit, though, she was also working at the same time. Props to my wife. Love ya!

We pulled some monster hits, as you might expect from a full case of Museum Collection. Believe it or not, this case actually yielded my very first ever Bryce Harper autograph. Now if only I could land a Byron Buxton and maybe even a Kris Bryant.

We also pulled an unusual card that I posted about yesterday. It’s the Buster Posey base card. I have yet to find any more information on this card to see if this was a one-off whoopsie or if all of Buster’s Museum base cards are like this. Check it out…

My guess is that they’re all like that, but if not, that card is definitely a keeper!

Let’s take a look at what we pulled. Here are a few of my favorites from the break…

As for the other hits…

Vogt relic /50

Pujols quad relic /75

Springer auto /5
Kuechel dual relic sticker auto /225

Donaldson quad relic /99

Glavine auto /75
Freeman quad relic /99
Miller dual relic sticker auto /225

Molina quad relic /99
Carpenter auto /199

Hammel auto /299

Bradley relic /50

Greinke relic /10
Puig relic /35
Grandal relic /50
Kershaw/Greinke/Gonzalez/Puig quad relic /75
Fernando Valenzuela auto /75

Posey quad relic /75
Pence/Posey/Bumgarner/Cain quad relic /99

Edgar Martinez auto /99
Taijuan Walker auto /199
Cano relic /50
Cano dual relic sticker auto /25

Ichiro quad relic /75
Gordon dual relic sticker auto /299

Wheeler relic /35
Granderson relic /35
Piazza quad relic /75
Conforto triple relic sticker auto /99
Harvey quad relic /99
Matz dual relic sticker auto /399
Plawecki dual relic sticker auto /399

Machado quad relic /25

Melancon relic /35

Palmeiro auto /75

Henry Owens triple relic sticker auto /299
Pedroia auto /75

Larkin auto /50

Gray auto /150

Holland relic /50

J.D. Martinez relic /50

Refsnyder triple relic sticker auto /299
Slade Heathcott dual relic sticker auto /399
Sabathia relic /35

This really was an incredible break, and if you want to see the rest of the great hits we pulled and see/hear just how much fun we have during these breaks, I encourage you to check out the full replay video provided below. Thank you so much to those who were part of the break and helped us raise $300 for such a great cause. To me, you guys are the best part of this hobby!

  1. Andrew Quillen says:

    You know, after having watched the break I am very surprised that there were ONLY 7 Mets hits. It seemed like every box contained a Mets hit!!

  2. Jeff says:

    Am I reading this right – White Sox were shut out? And that’s why I don’t waste my time in breaks. Complete lack of appreciation for my team. Screw you, Topps.

  3. Ooh a Larkin auto – that’d be worth the price of admission for me!

  4. vcuhokie says:

    That Bryce Harper auto booklet is amazing!

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