If You Could Pick One FREE Box of Cards… RESULTS

Posted: January 20, 2016 by Crackin' Wax in General
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A couple of days ago, I asked you all which box of cards you would like to receive for free if I were to, hypothetically, give one away. Here are the results…

National Treasures 9 votes
Triple Threads 7 votes
Museum Collection 4 votes
Immaculate Collection 2 votes
Strata 2 votes
Topps Chrome 2 votes
2007 Elite Extra Edition 1 vote
2007 Ultimate Collection 1 vote
2011 Bowman Draft 1 vote
2013 Archives 1 vote
2014 Bowman Chrome 1 vote
2014 Triple Threads 1 vote
2015 Archives 1 vote
2015 Bowman Draft 1 vote
2015 Cooperstown Collection 1 vote
2015 Topps Update 1 vote
Five Star 1 vote
Allen & Ginter 1 vote
Archives 1 vote
Elite 1 vote
Tier 1 1 vote

A very small sample to be sure, but it appears that high end is the preference when it comes to free boxes of cards, and Panini’s National Treasures, the most expensive on the list, also tops the charts. I’d be curious to see how this survey would shake out with a much larger sample size, however it wouldn’t surprise me in the least if National Treasures remained the most popular choice.

  1. Josh B says:

    So when’s the giveaway? :)

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