A Very Crackin’ Wax Christmas

Posted: December 25, 2015 by Crackin' Wax in General
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I sit here on my mother-in-law’s sofa (that’s what she calls it—I call it a couch) after having scolded one of the cats for breaking her butter dish from our Ebelskiver brunch while mentally digesting the enormous car-loads of gifts that were opened the night before, and I can’t help but take a moment to share with you the generosity of those within the card collecting community (I’d have said “Universe” but it seems Vince McMahon has a copyright on that term). It’s a thought I’ve publicly pondered before in the past and one that I’m happy to repeat—card collectors are some of the most generous people I know. This year was proof yet again of just that.

Yes, we held our annual Crackin’ Wax Holiday Gift Exchange, and generosity was on full display as always. However, these gifts that I received had nothing to do with any secret santas or names drawn out of hats. These gifts were given simply out of kindness and awesomeness.

Sitting in the Crackin’ Wax P.O. box were two envelopes, both addressed directly to me, both Christmas cards, both with incredible gifts within.

Thank you so very much, Vilma and Duff, for your thoughtfulness and amazing generosity! You are part of the reason I love this hobby so much!

Back at Crackin’ Wax Manor, we find on our doorstep a package from another very good friend in the hobby, the fabulous Dame Debbie!

She knows us so well! Anyone notice that Byron Buxton green refractor parallel autographed rookie card in there? HOLY MOLY! Both of “my” Debs have now sent an autographed Buxton my way the last two Christmases! Of course, I can’t possibly open a pack of cards without some M&M’s! We’re not entirely sure if the lip gloss is for me or LQ, however. That’s okay. I know how to share! Thank you again, Debbie, for always being so awesome to us! YOU ROCK!

There’s still more for us to celebrate this weekend, but LQ and I would like to extend to you, our cardboard family, a very happy, safe, and merry Christmas!


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