2015 Private Break Results!

Posted: November 13, 2015 by Crackin' Wax in Private Break
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That card up there might not have even been the biggest hit of the night. I have to tell you, in all complete honesty, this has been my favorite break to date. If you missed out on the live event or haven’t checked out the replay video yet, I urge you to do so when you have a couple of free hours. This isn’t just my favorite break for the cards, either. Yes, we pulled some of the most incredible cards we’ve ever seen in person here at Crackin’ Wax. Yes, we were supposed to pull 35 hits and ended up with FIFTY instead. What made it so much more fun was the interaction with those in the chat room—and that my wife hilariously decided that she wanted to dress as Sexy Porkins for Halloween next year.

Not convinced that you should watch? Check this out. Not only did I have a bonus box added to the break, I also snuck in a super secret surprise box…

  1. Argg! Why didn’t I pick the Braves?!??!

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