Posted: September 28, 2015 by Crackin' Wax in The Better Half
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Today’s post was written by my wife, the card-sorting genius Literal Quirk (or “LQ”), on another blog to which she is a popular contributor. The article is absolutely hilarious and the topics contained therein are SO HER that I just had to share with all of our readers here. So, please, read her hilarious account of 30 minutes at a laundromat as posted at Hardly Serious.
  1. It wouldn’t let me comment over there so I’ll do it here.

    *Slow Clap*, building to a freakin’ thunderous applause. That lady can write and you married way over your head. :)

  2. Robert Morris says:

    For you and LQ.

    1987 Laundromat west Texas. Wife and I were camping and stopped in. She was watching the last dryer load while I went next door for groceries After dropping food in vehicle I came back to her being chatted up by local cowboy. She winked at me over his shoulder so I sat a little away to watch the fun.

    He made his play while she folded the clothes. The technique wasn’t bad ‘she was pretty ‘ ‘he was lonesome’ ‘few beers good time’ ….. I caught at least one smirk from a local lady who had probably seen his sales pitch before.

    She didn’t say yes or no but left her interest hanging. It didn’t help she was wearing a loose t-shirt (1 of mine) and her bras were in the basket. She finished her folding and I got my arched eyebrow cue, so I hopped up to save my fair bride.

    “I changed my mind, you’ll be worth $50” I said dropping a fifty in the laundry basket. “But I want extras”

    Not missing a beat my wife added “Only if I can take a hot shower in your RV after!”.

    “You better work that ass then Honey” I said taking her arm and leading her out to my car. I put her in the front and the basket in the back. The cowboy had followed us out the surprised look having changed to confusion.

    “She’s a ….” He started.

    “Yeah, she’s usually at the truckstop but their washers are broken.”.


    I pulled out making sure the passenger window was toward him. My wife had of course lowered it. “I’ll have him drop me back here Cowboy if you are still interested” She got no response,

    My wife kept the $50

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