Bowman Chrome Random Spots Now Available!

Posted: August 26, 2015 by Crackin' Wax in Case Break
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Wow, you guys are FAST! The first 15 team spots are gone in our upcoming 2015 Bowman Chrome jumbo case break, and now the rest will be offered as random spots! Each random spot is just $48 and will be randomized using with the following method: teams will be randomized three times, then names will be randomized three times and paired with previously randomized teams. These are the teams that will be randomed…

BLUE JAYS (6 hits)
BREWERS (2 hits)
DODGERS (6 hits)
GIANTS (3 hits)
INDIANS (5 hits)
MARINERS (6 hits)
NATIONALS (13 hits—2nd-most on the CL!)
PADRES (1 hit)
PIRATES (7 hits)
RAYS (5 hits)
REDS (4 hits)
ROCKIES (5 hits)
ROYALS (2 hits)
WHITE SOX (6 hits)
YANKEES (5 hits)

ALL-AMERICA, ICHIRO BUYBACKS In the event that the following cards are pulled, they will be assigned as such:
Brendan Rodgers All-America Game Autograph—Rockies
Carson Fulmer All-America Game Autograph—White Sox
Ashe Russell All-America Game Autograph—Royals
Beau Burrows All-America Game Autograph—Tigers
Jameis Winston All-America Game Autograph—Break Host
Ichiro Autographed Buyback—Team Designated On Card; if none, Break Host

If you like a good random break with plenty of autographs and skunk protection, then you’ll want to grab your spots now while you can! (FULL BREAK DETAILS)


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