Bowman Chrome Jumbo Case Break Spots Now Available! Half Random!

Posted: August 25, 2015 by Crackin' Wax in Case Break
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One of the most sought-after products each year is next on our slate of case breaks—Bowman Chrome! Just like we did with Topps Chrome, we’ll be breaking a jumbo box of BC. However, we’re shaking things up just a little bit…

RANDOM SPOTS After 15 team spots have been claimed, the remaining 15 spots’ prices will be averaged and offered as random spots. After the break sells out, spots will be randomized using with the following method: teams will be randomized three times, then names will be randomized three times and paired with previously randomized teams.

The folks who have subscribed to our Group Breaks Mailing List have already been given their exclusive early opportunity at claiming spots, and now it’s your turn! Go check out the full break details and grab your spots now!

PLEASE NOTE Purchase links are updated manually. Because of this, some spots may actually be unavailable. PayPal will notify you of availability on the purchase page.


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