Win a Free Spot In Our Topps Chrome Jumbo Case Break!

Posted: August 17, 2015 by Crackin' Wax in Case Break
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Later this weekend, we’ll be ripping into our jumbo case of 2015 Topps Chrome and we’re giving away three spots—Astros, Rays, and Rockies! However, before we give away those spots, we’ve got to sell out the rest of the break. That’s where YOU come in!

RULES: To enter, compose and send out a tweet promoting our 2015 Topps Chrome Jumbo case break. You must use our Twitter handle (@CrackinWax) and the break page link ( You can enter as often as you like until the break is full. Free spots will only be awarded if the break fills before 7pm C on Saturday August 22 2015. Only tweets that meet our criteria will be eligible. Tweets that are approved will be Favorited by the Crackin’ Wax Twitter account. Tweets that do not promote (i.e. are negative, simply contain our handle and break page link, etc.) will not be approved. You do not need to follow Crackin’ Wax on Twitter, but you must be a U.S. resident to receive any cards that you might win. Teams will be randomly awarded using by first randomizing the team order, then selecting 3 winners using “Lucky Threes” (randomizing three times, selecting third name each time), then randomizing the 3 winners to pair with the team order. You will be contacted via Twitter to attain your mailing address.

Go on! Get creative! Get tweeting! Get this break filled! Get some free cards!

PLEASE NOTE: Purchase links are updated manually. Because of this, some spots may actually be sold out. PayPal will notify you of availability on the purchase page.


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