2015 Topps Allen & Ginter Charity Case Break—TOMORROW NIGHT!!

Posted: July 24, 2015 by Crackin' Wax in Allen & Ginter
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15ag_logoIf any of you reading this right now know anything at all about Crackin’ Wax, then you already know that tomorrow night is a huge night for us. No other case break gets this much time and effort from us, and it’s all for a really great cause. You’ve been bombarded by tweets, posts, newsletters, and even Facebook ads just so I could do my part to raise $2500 for Big Brothers Big Sisters. My goal this year was to get as my other breakers involved in this project as possible, and four amazing breakers have stepped up to the plate: The Case Breakers, Layton Sports Cards, Mojo Box Breaks, and Ultimate Box Breaks. Collectors, manufacturers, and vendors have also been awesome in helping me put together an incredible charity prize: Deb P., Topps, Reid G., Deb U., Super Break, and Waxtopia. I can’t tell you how incredibly thankful I am to know all of you and how grateful I am of your help in this ambitious yet very worthy project.

As of this posting, we have just over $1600 left to raise. If every single one of my Twitter followers entered the charity prize drawing just once, we’d beat our total goal by nearly $7000. Reaching this goal isn’t impossible, and there’s still time left. If you love baseball cards and helping out great causes, then I hope you’ll enter the charity prize drawing!

Not only are we raising money for Big Brothers Big Sisters through our Allen & Ginter group case breaks, Crackin’ Wax is also raffling off a massive charity prize for just five bucks per entry! To enter, just donate below! You can enter as often as you like! Do some good, win some loot!



GOAL: $2500
TOTAL: $920

(as of 7/24/15)



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