More Ginter Charity Spots Available!

Posted: June 30, 2015 by Crackin' Wax in Allen & Ginter
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One of this year’s Allen & Ginter Charity Case Break partners has made their spots available, and they’re expected to go fast! If you missed out on my spots or if you are just itching for more Ginter, head to The Case Breakers now and help us help out a fantastic cause!

Just like in years past, I’ve put together a pack full of prizes donated by others throughout the hobby. Now that my part in the case break has been sold out, you can enter for your chance at the prize packed full of goodies. As of this posting, a 30-auto lot from Debbie P., 1 box of Bowman donated by Topps, 1 box of 2015 Allen & Ginter from Crackin’ Wax and more have been added to the Prize Pack. To enter, go to the Allen & Ginter Charity Case Break Page and scroll down past the team slot grid. There you’ll find a PayPal button that will donate $5 to Big Brothers Big Sisters and will enter you for a chance at the prize pack. You can enter for the prize pack as many times as you like! The prize pack will be awarded immediately after the scheduled 2015 Allen & Ginter Charity Case Break.

Now please go help us do some good and get yourself an awesome prize! Thank you!


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