Blaster Buster! 2015 Topps Archives

Posted: June 12, 2015 by Crackin' Wax in Blaster Buster
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With all this house stuff still going on, and it being Literal Quirk’s XXth birthday tomorrow, we won’t be busting into our case of Topps Finest until next week. There was no way that I was going to be able to make it another week without crackin’ wax. GET IT? So, to satisfy my grubby little hands, I made a Target run.

It’s a fairly standard blaster. X amount of packs with one bonus pack, 10 cards per pack. The big complaint on Archives this year, aside from the usual flimsy card stock, has been the super short printed base cards #301-330. People with extensive knowledge and expertise have figured that cards #301-330 fall at 1 per 70 cases. No, not packs. HOBBY CASES. Those kinds of hobby odds for base cards is a little hard to fathom for set collectors. However, on the retail side, the odds of pulling one of those SP base cards is 1:47 packs. Still tough, but nowhere near as ridiculous as the hobby case odds.

Let’s check out how I did with my blaster (notably the last one left in stock at that particular Target).

A little blurry, but that’s Carlos Gomez on Khris Davis’ card.

Hey! A Twins card!

Presidential insert, 1:8 odds.

Jackie Robinson base SP, card #330.

Click to view larger version.

A Killer for my PC!

Silver Bruce Harper, 1:12 odds.

Will Farrell Reds insert, 1:8 odds.

Finished out with Chippah and Neon Deion. Nice.

This was a very well-rounded and fun blaster to bust. I agree that the short printing of the base cards, especially to 1:70 hobby cases, is an issue. I’m also still not a fan of the feather-thin paper stock Archives tends to get stuck with. Other than that, I liked it! On the flip side, however, if Topps decided to ditch this brand next year, I likely wouldn’t miss it.

If you’re a member of our Group Breaks Mailing List, you might want to stay glued to your email inbox. You just never know when I’ll start taking reservations for the huge annual Topps Allen & Ginter Charity Case Break!


  1. fanofreds says:

    I’m pretty sure the short prints are 1:70 packs based on the case I just busted… The pack wrappers state 1:70 packs as well.

  2. Kirk says:

    I think the 1:70 cases is for the Ferrell autos.

    I have 2 beefs with this year’s Archives.
    1. Disappointing inserts- used to have many, this year just a few. The crazy inserts in the past were the most fun part of it.

    2. Check out the 1983 Pirates and Rays cards with near invisible yellow ink used. The Rays are a stretch since they weren’t around in 1983, but the Pirates cards too? When all they had to do was dupe the old design (which didn’t use the yellow for names)…it seems inexcusable…

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