Topps Series 2 Spots Priced!

Posted: June 9, 2015 by Crackin' Wax in Case Break
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The checklist for this absolutely stuffed product just came out today and spots for the jumbo case break coming up next Saturday June 20 have been priced! Invoices for those who have spots will be sent later tonight. You may notice that there are three Negro League players featured in the Strata Cut Autographs section of the checklist. IF I AM SOMEHOW LUCKY ENOUGH TO PULL ONE OF THOSE, Satchel Paige will automatically go to the Orioles spot (St. Louis Browns—spot is priced higher than A’s and Indians), while Buck Leonard and Cool Papa Bell will be randomly given to any person that has gone completely hitless in the full break. ALSO, the Bowman Inception break is completely sold out which means the huge Allen & Ginter charity case break will go on sale soon! Keep your eyes wide open for that one. Those spots ALWAYS go fast!


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