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Please beware of the potential scammer named above that has crossed paths with us here at Crackin’ Wax. He has joined at least one break here in the past and, until recently, we have never had an issue with him.

Justin accepted an invitation to the 2014 Crackin’ Wax Holiday Gift Exchange on Elfster. Names were drawn on December 1 2014 and gifts were due to be sent no later than January 1 2015. As of this posting, Justin’s giftee, Casey, has yet to receive anything from him and Justin has seemingly decided to ignore both Casey and myself regarding this issue.

January 1 2015: Casey contacted me via Elfster saying, “Hey Topher. I haven’t been sent a gift yet, and nobody has contacted me regarding a gift. What should I do?” I then sent a message to Justin via Elfster saying, “Hey Justin. Did you happen to send your gift out to your giftee?” RESULT: No Response

January 3 2015: I sent an e-mail to Justin with the following message, “Hey Justin, Just checking in to see if you were able to send out your gift for the gift exchange. Thanks!”

January 6 2015: Justin replied, “I dropped it off at the post office on Dec. 26 th but I’ve been having some trouble getting some packages delivered recently. I plan on going to the post office on Thursday so I will check and make sure it got sent out.”

January 8 2015: Casey sent a DM via Twitter to me, “Any word on my Secret Santa package. Sorry to keep bothering you about it.” I copied Justin’s emailed response to Casey via Twitter DM and added, “I haven’t heard anything since then.” Casey replied, “Okay thanks Topher. I’ll email the group anonymously and see what I can find out as well.”

January 11 2015: Casey asked me via DM, “May I have the name of my secret elf. I’m going to message them directly.”

January 12 2015: Casey continued the DM, “I just want to get this thing sorted out.” I responded via DM, “I’ll reach out again. I may just have to send something snail mail.” Casey’s DM response, “I’m ultimately about giving, but just feel a little weird not getting anything. See if you can get the tracking number. Let me know what they say. Sorry for the bother.”

January 13 2015: I e-mailed Justin, “Justin, Just checking to see if you’ve found out what happened to the package for your Elfster giftee and to see if it had a tracking number. He’s getting worried. Thanks!” RESULT: No Response

January 25 2015: Via Twitter DM, Casey said, “Also, I hate to keep pestering you about this, but what do we do about the secret santa thing? I don’t mind talking to the person directly. I’m sure I can work out something with them. I’m a pretty reasonable guy. :)” I replied, “Still nothing?? Ok, I’ll see if there’s something I can do. Sorry that this has been a hassle for you.”

January 26 2015: I e-mailed Justin again, this time saying, “Hey Justin, Your giftee wanted me to check in again with you. Seems he still hasn’t received his holiday gift exchange package from you. Did you go to the post office to check on the package like you had mentioned doing? Did you have a tracking number for that package? Please let me know today. Thank you.” RESULT: No Response

Later that day via Twitter DM, I contacted Michael, the person who drew Justin’s name in the gift exchange. “So the guy whose name you drew in the gift exchange. Have you heard anything from him? Do you know if he got his gift from you?” Michael replied, “No, never heard from him once. I sent him a couple messages, sent him the tracking info and checked again after it was delivered. Nothing. I was a bit baffled, disappointed actually. I was excited for the reaction. Have you heard anything from him?” I told him, “Ok. The guy whose name he drew hasn’t gotten anything. The first time I emailed him about it, he responded 3 days later saying his PO was having problem and that he’d go back and check… have e-mailed him multiple times since with no response.” I conveyed this conversation to Casey.

January 31 2015: I sent out a mass e-mail via my Group Breaks Mailing List, of which Justin is a subscriber, in regards to a case break presale. My mailing service notified me that Justin did, in fact, read that e-mail. Knowing now that Justin is receiving and reading my e-mails, I, once again, e-mailed Justin directly, “Justin, Any update on the gift you sent to your giftee for the gift exchange Thanks!” RESULT: No Response

February 2 2015: In an attempt to figure out a more effective way to get Justin’s attention, I wrote a blog post titled, “Hey! Justin Ryan! Where You At?” RESULT: No Response

That same day, I tweeted out to my followers if anyone had any idea how to contact Justin. One of my more slueth-y followers found a Twitter user “Justin,” @jtrsteel15. Scrolling through his tweets, I found that this user is a fan of Pittsburgh Pirates and Pittsburgh Penguins. Looking up Justin’s Elfster profile, I found that he is from Karns City, Pennsylvania, and included an assortment of Pirates and Penguins cards on his Elfster wishlist. Fairly confident that this “Justin” on Twitter (who happens to follow me) is Justin Ryan, I tweeted at him directly. RESULT: No Response

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February 3 2015: I once again attempted to see if anyone knew how to get in touch with Justin, tagging him in each tweet. RESULT: No Response

Later that day, I composed this post and e-mailed it to both Justin and Casey explaining that, unless Justin responds immediately and makes good on his end of the gift exchange, I would publish this post. As you can see, RESULT: No Response

Justin, you are hereby banned from all future Crackin’ Wax activities. Any case break transactions from you will be declined. You will be eliminated from the Group Break Mailing List. You will never be invited to join future Crackin’ Wax Holiday Gift Exchanges.

I am more than willing to be reasonable and give the benefit of the doubt, however I am not a sucker. I also don’t appreciate when my friends, those who are loyal to Crackin’ Wax, are taken advantage of. Do not cross me.

UPDATE 2/4/15
It has been 24 hours since I e-mailed this post to Justin and there has been no response. Justin, I sincerely hope you have a very good explanation for your inability to reply to all but one of my e-mails, tweets, and posts, and for not making good on your end of the 2014 Crackin’ Wax Holiday Gift Exchange on Elfster. If you are able to explain yourself in a manner that I find acceptable, I will be willing to rescind this post and reinstate your privileges. I am holding out hope that you have been caught entirely unaware, however I refuse to sit here and do nothing. The sooner this gets resolved, the sooner this post could possibly be removed.

Justin Ryan
  1. mrcoach00 says:

    Wow, what a bummer. I really enjoyed the gift exchange and was hoping everyone had as much fun as I did. I don’t know Casey, but I’d be happy to put together a small assortment of cards from his favorite team to ship off to him.

  2. I couldn’t even read all of that. I’m sorry that you guys have had to deal with this. :/

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