Trade Completed: é rayhahn, rayhahn

Posted: January 26, 2015 by Crackin' Wax in Trades
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It has been a ridiculously long time since I’ve completed a trade. With my want list being relatively small and having very little to trade in return, it’s rare that I’m able to find anyone with whom to trade. Rarer still, having an extra Twins autograph card from my PC to trade for a Twins autograph card that I’m looking for.

During the Ladies’ Night break a few short weeks ago, my wife, @literalquirk, pulled the first Twins hit I’ve pulled since 2007—in fact, she pulled three of them! One of them just happened to be a 2013 Bowman Chrome autograph of Alex Meyer that I already had in my PC binder. Being that I didn’t need a second copy, I figured I’d check with my other fellow Twins collectors to see if any of them needed the card. Turns out, the first guy I contacted did!

David, also known as Rhubarb Runner, runs the blog é rayhahn, rayhahn and has a much larger and more diverse Twins collection than I. This is what made it surprising to me that he did not already have a 2013 Bowman Chrome Alex Meyer autograph card. More surprising still is the fact that he also had a duplicate of a 2013 Bowman Chrome autograph that I did not have.


It’s a beautiful Bowman Chrome Refractor autograph of Twins prospect Ryan Eades from the 2013 Draft Picks & Prospects set. The Twins actually have quite a few autograph subjects in 2013 products, so it’s always nice to be able to find one to include in my collection. It was also quite lucky for me that the stars were able to align in just the right way to bring that shiny, rainbowy Eades card home. Thanks, David!

I am always looking for just about any Twins RC AUs (rookie card autographs). Please check my WANT LIST and if you have any that you’re willing to give up, PLEASE let me know! Thanks!

Our 2015 Topps Series 1 jumbo charity case break happens in just under two weeks! Grab your spot now and help us help a great cause!


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