Crackin’ Wax Memorabilia Cards

Posted: January 25, 2015 by Crackin' Wax in Custom Cards
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As some of my Twitter followers have seen in the past few weeks, I have designed, printed and assembled special Crackin’ Wax memorabilia cards. The relic embedded within each card is taken from a break-worn shirt. I even wore that shirt at last year’s Fifteen’s 5K (a charity run put on by Twins closer Glen Perkins).


Don’t worry. It’s been washed a few times since then!

The previews of these cards have been well received so far. That’s good because now I won’t feel TOO dopey giving them away! Keep in mind, I did this just for fun. I’m not doing this because I take myself seriously. I mean, come on. If I did, I would have taken and used a much better photo of myself for the card! In the spirit of this being just for fun, I’m going to make getting these cards a bit of a chase.

Some of you may have noticed that I have been giving out autographed Crackin’ Wax cards with each charity case break. We even gave out autographed @literalquirk cards for the Ladies’ Night charity break. That actually plays a role in the chase. There are six total Crackin’ Wax autograph cards and one Literal Quirk autograph card. The first 20 people to receive no less than six of those seven cards will earn a Crackin’ Wax memorabilia card!

The next charity case break is being held in just a couple of weeks with a jumbo case of 2015 Topps Series 1. We still have plenty of good spots available, too. So, grab a spot, get some nice cards, help out a great cause, get a Crackin’ Wax autograph card and get yourself even closer to earning one of 20 Crackin’ Wax memorabilia cards!


  1. Toby j says:

    Those are awesome I know I have one need to get in a few more so I can get one

  2. Andrew says:

    I think the real burning questions are:

    1. Is the origin of these relic swatches guaranteed to have been “Break-Used”? Or are they just “Breaker-Worn”? Or are they just pieces of a shirt that was bought at Dick’s and passed off as authentic?

    2. Will these cards garner a 10/10 grade from BGS?

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