Off-Topic Tuesday: I’m On iTunes!

Posted: October 7, 2014 by Crackin' Wax in Off-Topic Tuesday
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Yes, there was a life for me before trading cards, before charity case breaks, and before I met Literal Quirk. Once upon a time, I had a passion for a different hobby—music. Way back when, nearly 20 years ago, some high school friends and I got together to do something we all thought only stoners from Seattle could do.

Sounding familiar already? Not only have I been blabbing about it for a while now on Twitter, I also posted at some length about it before. All of that work has now come full circle.


In 1997, my old band, then called Spindle, put out our one and only CD. I have since cleaned it up, remastered it, corrected a few mistakes, added some guitar parts to a couple of tracks, added some bonus material and made it available for download for the first time ever. Our sound is comparable to a convergence of Veruca Salt and Smashing Pumpkins with a killer female lead singer. We were 90s alt-grunge-rock with raw, unfiltered grit. The album has actually held up nicely over the years and sounds even better with the remastering.

Today, the remastered re-issue of our 1997 album, “Henrietta’s Mix,” is now available for download at places like iTunes, Google Play, Amazon and CDBaby. It’s also available at streaming sites such as Pandora, iHeartRadio, Spotify and SoundCloud.

What makes this occasion even sweeter? All proceeds are going to be donated to the Human Rights Campaign! In fact, every play our music gets on air and online earns us even more money to donate!

My hope is that all of my readers here will give the album a spin and check us out and, if you like the music, to please download the album! Even if you don’t like our style of music, I hope you’ll still give the album at least one play. Hell, you can hit play, mute the audio and just let the thing play! You’ll still be helping us do some good for a really great cause! So, please, give us a listen, download our album, and let your friends and family know about us so we can donate even more! Thank you so much—we ALL appreciate your support!

itunes-button google_play_badge amazon_badge cdbaby


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