2014 A&G Charity Case Break Recap

Posted: July 24, 2014 by Crackin' Wax in Allen & Ginter, Case Break
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Big Brothers Big Sisters

On this day last week, I was busy sorting, bagging and packing all of the awesome cards and hits pulled from our case of 2014 Topps Allen & Ginter. Today, I donated my portion of all of the generous donations that YOU sent in for Big Brothers Big Sisters.


This joint effort with Steve from The Case Breakers brought in a grand total of $1235 for BBBS. WOW! I can’t tell you how much you guys all freaking rock! As with all of my charity breaks, $5 from each spot was set aside to be donated. With a total of 62 spots between both our cases, $310 was raised just from spots alone. That means that YOU donated nearly an additional $1000! DOUBLE WOW!

I’d like to thank the following people for making donations for the mega-huge Mystery Prize Pack: Adam S., Alexander O., Anthony L., Bobby W., Bryan M., Christopher R., David H., Deborah P., Deborah U., Edwin J., Helaine C., James H., Jeroen B., Jim K., Jim P., John S., Justin R., Kathleen W., Kent R., Kerry B., Kris C., Lucas R., Marissa F., Mark M., Matthew F., Nick P., Olaf H., Richard B., Robert A., Ronald R., Ross M., Ryan P., Thomas O., Thomas Y., and Tracy L.


The entire day before I busted through that case of A&G, I had a really good feeling that we were going to be in for something special, and boy was I right!

To see all of the hits pulled, just visit my Sports Card Album!

I just want to give a GIANT shout-out to Steve from The Case Breakers for stepping up to the plate this year and knocking the cover off of the ball and sending it completely out of the park! I also want to, once again, send out an ENORMOUS shout-out and thank you to Ultra Pro, UniKeep, Sports Card Album and Alex O. for supporting this great cause and donating fantastic prizes! A MASSIVE congratulations to David H. for winning the Mystery Prize Pack which was filled with all of those amazing donated prizes. Finally, THANK YOU ALL for your support, your patience (I know my multiple posts and never-ending tweets day and night promoting my charity breaks can get a bit overwhelming for some), your enthusiasm and your generosity! YOU are the reason I do charity breaks and charity breaks are the reason I’m still in this hobby. I appreciate you beyond words and may never be able to thank you all enough… but I will try!


I’ve been asked by numerous people to do a non-charity break, and those folks want me to do Bowman Chrome. There’s a very good chance I’ll do just that and it would be as a random team break. The only thing that MIGHT interfere with that particular break is that, as of right now, it is scheduled for release right when the lovely Literal Quirk and I will be out of commission for a while. Whether or not the Bowman Chrome random team case break happens, the Private Break WILL DEFINITELY happen. There is still no confirmed break date for this and I am still getting more boxes in. Don’t worry, though. All those being invited will be getting an e-mail from me with all the dirty details once things become a bit more finalized.

My lovely wife, the talented card sorter, the beautiful and amazing Literal Quirk has officially joined Crackin’ Wax as a contributing author. She’ll be posting under a new section of the blog called “The Better Half.” Last night, she published her first Crackin’ Wax entry–and it’s a freaking gem! Go read it. Then make someone else read it. If you don’t, you’re a jerk. I still love you, though. Ya big jerk. :)


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