2014 Topps Allen & Ginter’s Checklist is LIVE

Posted: July 7, 2014 by Crackin' Wax in Allen & Ginter, Topps
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With this year’s installment of A&G arriving in shops and other retailers this week, Topps has unleashed an official checklist–although I wonder just how complete it really is. Earlier today, Topps teased a preview of a new Allen & Ginter’s pop-up book, much like those found in Gypsy Queen this year, however (unless I missed it each time I looked) I haven’t seen this set of cards listed on that checklist.

Aside from that, this year’s set seems relatively similar to previous iterations of A&G. Of course, there are a few minor additions, tweaks and changes here and there–just to keep things interesting. One of those fresh, new items is the Mini Metal cards–cards printed on what I assume will be aluminum, much like a soda or beer can. An interesting set that caught my eye is the Amateur Osteologist insert set which consists of just one card. One has to wonder if that one-card set is super short printed.

Speaking of one-card sets, there’s something listed as an Oddity Relic–the sole card listed as belonging to Daniel Nava. I wonder if those cards are all filled with the unused tickets he gave to Erin Andrews (tee hee).

A quick sift through the checklist will reveal that 2014 Allen & Ginter’s remains true to its identity of the past near-decade while ensuring that it is in no danger of becoming stale. All in all, I’m pretty excited to shred into this set.

  1. Zebulon says:

    No Brian Dozier cards….booo!

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