2014 Bowman Jumbo Charity Case Break

Posted: April 18, 2014 by Crackin' Wax in Bowman, Case Break
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Attention all you prospectors out there! This is the VERY FIRST TIME I will have ever torn through a case of Bowman, and it’s going to be big! My case of 2014 Bowman Jumbo boxes have been ordered, the official checklist has been finalized and released, and pricing has been set! Now’s the time to get in on a fun way to do some good for a great charitable cause—and maybe even score a rare autographed prospect card or two in the process.

There are 8 jumbo boxes in each case of 2014 Bowman Jumbo. Each jumbo box is composed of 12 packs with approximately 32 cards per pack. Every jumbo box is also advertised to have 3 hits on average.

New to Bowman this year are Silver Diamond and Black Refractor Autographs, Black Refractor and Green Refractor Autographed Bowman Chrome Prospects, Red Ice and Purple Ice Parallel Autographs, Red Autographed Chrome Refractor Bowman Minis, and Chrome Refractor Bowman Mini Superfractor Autographs. New base parallel colored borders include green, yellow, silver, gold, black and purple. There are plenty of different fun items to chase!

Topps has scheduled 2014 Bowman for release on March 30 2014 and I will be cracking our case on May 7 2014. All slot pricing has been determined and posted. Invoices have been sent to those who reserved slots earlier. Slot prices cover the cost of the cards as well as shipping, handling, supplies, and a $5 donation to charity! Not only that, with your slot, you’ll be invited to my Private Break at the end of the year. You’ll also get a discount of $5 for that Private Break—in fact, you get a $5 discount for each Crackin’ Wax charity case break you join in 2014!

Ready to join? Need some more information? Just scroll back to the top of the blog, hover over the Crackin’ Wax Case Breaks menu tab, then click on 2014 Bowman Jumbo!


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