GameDay “Where Are They Now” Inserts 2012

Posted: March 29, 2014 by Crackin' Wax in GameDay, Where Are They Now?
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Well, this is it. The absolute last and final “When I Was a Custom Card Designer” post. I’ve been posting my old custom cards (many never seen before) to the blog for well over a year, and it has all finally come down to this.

In mid-to-late 2011 I decided I would no longer be creating custom cards so that I could focus on designing cards for my new trading card company, Varsity Trading Cards. In early 2012, I was playing around with some new ideas for the second season design for VTC and, using my utter disappointment with my “Where Are They Now?” insert set from 2011 as motivation, decided to use an updated version of that insert set as the backdrop to my test design.

Just as in 2011, the fronts featured team colors on the borders. Unlike the previous version, the set title is completely eliminated to make more room for the photo and the player is masked into the design to give the illusion of depth. This design is far better than the 2011 version but, much like its predecessor, wasn’t quite good enough to earn a design for the back. Yep, they’re all incomplete, backless cards.

Trying to find where all of the former Twins had gone in 2012 became an overwhelming task and finding usable photos of them in their new uniforms was becoming increasingly difficult. Not only that, after a few cards in, I decided that this design did not suit the Varsity Trading Cards brand. That’s why I stopped just short of a dozen cards.

…and that was the end of my custom card phase. It truly was a fun period of my life in the hobby. Completely redrawing classic designs and inserting new photos and current stats while writing up my own bios was a lot of work but very satisfying after seeing the results. Even more fun and satisfying was coming up with my own designs and implementing new ideas to the physical products that not even the big companies were using (such as the iridescent layering in the 2010 GameDay Graphers set). In the end, though, it became far too much work and conflicted with my work with Varsity Trading Cards. Making cards that I’ll never see the big guys make is a fun idea, but creating memories for high school student athletes is far more gratifying.

Thank you all for joining me on this trip through all of my custom designs! To see all of my “WIWaCCD” posts, just scroll up to the top of the blog and click on the “GameDay Custom Cards” link.

  1. Wow, you had some nice designs up your sleeves! And in your sleeves now, I suppose. I just came across the site and wanted to ask you some questions about how your were printing these. I’ve been mocking up some customs of my own and have been seeking out some advice. If you’d be willing to e-mail me and share some of your process, I’d greatly appreciate it.

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