Gift Exchange Update

Posted: December 13, 2013 by Crackin' Wax in Gift Exchange

If you’ve joined my second annual trading card holiday gift exchange, this post is for you! If not, then perhaps you’ll enjoy this post a bit more.

Hopefully all participants have logged into and have filled out their wishlist and provided their shipping address. If not, it’s going to be very difficult for your secret santa to send you any gifts! Hopefully you’ve also logged in and found whose name you drew. If not, you’d better get crackin’! Gifts must be sent out no later than December 31 2013! If you have any questions about the gift exchange or how to navigate Elfster, please feel free to ask.

I dropped a package off at the post office today and that package is due to arrive at my gift recipient’s shipping address by Monday December 16 2013. I’m pretty excited about what I sent. The person whose name I drew will be getting something unique. In fact, you could say it’s very rare. You could even say that it’s a true 1-of-1. But, hmmm… which of the other 39 of you is going to get it? Follow the package by using the tracking link below to see if it’s headed your way!

USPS TRACKING #: 9405503699300161518030

Also, don’t forget to share with us the gifts you got and who sent them to you–if they were kind enough to divulge to you that information, that is! Have fun and keep crackin’ that wax!


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