Thanks For the $1000!

Posted: November 4, 2013 by Crackin' Wax in General

There were quite a few things that my wife and I recently added to our collective and separate bucket lists. Lose weight/get healthy, see Paul McCartney… that sort of thing. One thing that my wife had already been doing outside of our respective bucket lists is helping out great causes. I’m very proud of her and all that she does in that and many, many other respects. I’ve always wanted to be able to do some good in this area as well. Last year it dawned on me to combine something I enjoy with something I can be proud of–my trading card hobby and fundraising!

I started out last year with a feature I will be bringing back called “Trading Up” in which I take a relatively low-valued card and trade it up for a card of better value, then take that card and do the same and repeat the process for a certain period of time, then auction the final most valuable card for charity. I followed that up with a big charity BoBuBingo sponsored by Panini. After huge successes with both ambitions, I decided to incorporate the charity feature full-time. All throughout 2013, I raised money for various charities during just about every single case break I hosted this year. I also added a $1 donation feature to Take My Cards, something that has helped a great deal this year.

Thanks to all of you, the ones who donated your hard-earned cash, I was able to donate over $1000 just this year! If not for all of you tremendously generous people, there’s no way I would be able to do something I can be proud of while crackin’ all that wax!


While you’re here, perhaps you’ll consider joining my 2nd Annual Holiday Gift Exchange! It’s aimed specifically at the trading card hobby–collectors, vendors, etc. In fact, as of this posting, even Ultra-Pro has joined in the fun. It was a great time last year and I’m willing to bet it will be an even better time this year!


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