TTT Charity Case Break – IN 1 HOUR! 5PM CENTRAL!!

Posted: October 30, 2013 by Crackin' Wax in Case Break, Topps, Triple Threads
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Just one hour left until break time! Once the break begins, all available slots will be taken off the table and will go to me. Don’t wait any longer–you never know what big hit I might pull for you! Find your team listed at the bottom of this post now!

Any and all slots that go unsold will go to me. That means that I will become the owner of any slots that are still available at the time of the break (5pm Central today).

RELEASE DATE: 10/25/13
CASE BREAK: 10/30/13 5pm Central

All dates and times subject to change

This case break is a joint effort with Brent and Becca Case Breaks!

Screen Shot 2013-08-06 at 9.03.10 AM


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