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Posted: September 4, 2013 by Crackin' Wax in General
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sca_lg Welp, I’ve done it. I’ve finally migrated what was once my “bucket” over to the brand new and amazing Sports Card Album. Frankly, it’s one of those ideas that makes you wonder why YOU didn’t think of it. Updating my “bucket” had gotten so tedious, especially with their constant tinkering of their site, that I had flat out stopped scanning and uploading my collection. Now with Sports Card Album, I don’t have to scan if I don’t want to. One of the great things about SCA is that you can snap a photo of your card and upload it to their database all within a matter of seconds! Another awesome thing about SCA is Sergio’s and his team’s willingness to listen to feedback and respond immediately. Their site and applications are constantly being improved without the headache of having to relearn their system, unlike the “bucket.” One such recent improvement is the inclusion of bulk uploading. For folks like me that case break and like to post all of their hits, it’s nice to have the efficient option of taking all of the photos during the break then upload them all at once instead of having to pause during the break to upload one at a time. One of the future improvements they’ve announced is bulk editing. While I’ve not seen this feature in action, one can assume that you can select multiple cards in your album and change certain information for each one of them–kind of like tagging multiple mp3s with similar information. I also accidentally saw a sneak peek at another feature being developed for SCA. Let’s just say that you can plan on the site getting a lot more social.

There are so many other outstanding features on the site (some that I am unfortunately unable to use because of the particular blog host that I use i.e. album embedding) that make this an incredible resource for any collector. I plan to eventually overhaul my Trade Bait section to include my For Trade items listed on my Sports Card Album, making it easier to propose and complete trades for all parties involved.

Another phenomenal thing about Sports Card Album is the sheer volume of different types of cards that you can upload. You can even upload cards created by my company Varsity Trading Cards! That means that anyone that has any Varsity Trading Cards–student athletes, teams, coaches, schools, boosters, parents, even those with sample cards sent by me–can upload those cards into the SCA database! If you have any of these cards, please give it a try! I’ve also added a Sports Card Album button to the Varsity Trading Cards website so you can check out some of the cards I’ve done in the past–you can even follow VTC on SCA!

If you haven’t yet, I highly suggest checking them out. You can get to their site by clicking the brand new Sports Card Album icon that I have installed on the left side bar of this blog. Clicking on that icon will take you to my Album. After you’ve joined their site, or if you’re already a member, I hope you’ll follow me!

  1. Matt says:

    Love the idea! Went to sign up and it asked for a referal username. What’s yours? Thanks.

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