Only a Dimwit Would Bet On The Astros

Posted: August 20, 2013 by Crackin' Wax in autographs, Minnesota Twins
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Anyone who follows me on Twitter knows I like to keep things interesting by giving things away and playing games. Sometimes I do the typical FOLLOW/RT game. Other times I like to do what I call a “Guess The Score” game. There’s also another more interesting game I sometimes like to play.

Every once in a while I like to put a friendly wager on a Twins series with cards at stake. For instance, had I been so inclined tonight, I would have bet a Tigers card to anyone on Twitter that collects Tigers who also has a Twins card to put up. If the Twins win the series, I get the Twins card. If the Tigers win, the Tigers collector gets my Tigers card that I put up. Earlier this month, the Houston Astros made a trip to Target Field and I bet an Astros Morgan Ensberg jersey card that the Twins would win the series. Sam from The Daily Dimwit answered the call and bet that his boys would take at least 2 out of the 3-game set.

As it turned out, the Twins, by some miracle, swept the poor, struggling, lowly Astros. Today, I received my winnings!

click to view full size

Thank you, Sam, for the game and the great addition to my Twins RC AU collection! Let’s hope next time we do this it’s for the ALCS!

  1. strowyrm says:

    I was so going to bust you when I saw the title!! Cool card and props to Sam for fulfilling his debt.

  2. Jeremy markell says:

    I will do this with you on the kc series, whoever wins 2/3 gets the prize my unnamed twins auto or relic for a kc unnamed auto or relic

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