Posted: July 14, 2013 by Crackin' Wax in Bucket List
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This week, my wife and I will be headed out to Miller Park in Milwaukee, Wisconsin to check one more major item off of our mutual bucket list. It’s something I’ve wanted to do since before she and I met. It’s also something I always thought I’d never get to do. On Tuesday night, my wife and I will be seeing, for the first and probably only time in our lives, Sir Paul McCartney live.

This is a really huge deal for me. The Beatles were the first band that I actually grew to appreciate in my childhood. My fanhood of them gained strength as I matured and became capable of recognizing just exactly what those fabulous four were able to accomplish and do for the world of music in such an incredibly short amount of time. Consider this: The Beatles had broken up before any of them turned 30. I am now 36 and feel ridiculously inadequate as a human being compared to that standard. This only adds to the awe I have for them–even for Ringo who, I feel, is the lesser of the four in terms of skill and musicianship but is the King of the Beatles in representation of outward presence. Paul, on the other hand, is the pinnacle of their art with his mastery of multiple instruments, his outstanding vocal ability and his undeniable talent for writing some of the best music in human history.

Paul, now 71, is still, incredibly, touring like mad. While his new works are nowhere near as brilliant as those from the 60s and 70s, he’s still an exciting entertainer and fills his shows full of those oldies-but-goodies. This means that we have the chance to see The Beatles’ most prolific and successful songwriter perform Beatles hits LIVE! Who knows when my wife and I would ever have that chance again? When I saw the opportunity, I wasted little time to strike–and I’m glad I did!

Take a look at the seating chart above. Find Section B. We’re in row 7. HOLY SH..! Not only that, being that the show is in Miller Park, it won’t matter what the weather is like–they’ve got a retractable roof!

So, for this coming week, the lovely wife and I will be trekking across Wisconsin on our first real vacation since 2008 and my first real extended period of time off since Christmas of 2010. What’s that mean for Crackin’ Wax? Firstly, that means that any Take My Cards SASEs that arrive during that span will just have to sit and wait for my return. It also means that I’ll more than likely let the blog sit on autopilot for that stretch of time (I have posts scheduled). Of course, I’ll still likely be trolling Twitter and Facebook–I just won’t be able to take care of as much CW related things as usual. There’s a good chance, however, that the Topps Triple Threads Charity Draft 18-Box Case Break will go live when I get back. *squee!*

While I’m on vacation, maybe you’ll consider entering yourself or a friend for a free hobby box of 2013 Allen & Ginter’s or a mystery prize that includes items from a current MLB player! I hope you do. It’s all for a great cause!

Until next time, keep crackin’ that wax!


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