I Owe You Cards – A Silver Slate Update

Posted: March 25, 2013 by Crackin' Wax in Topps
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Yes, I am one of the sad collectors not far from the edge of panic who have yet to receive their 2013 Topps Series 1 Silver Slate wrapper redemption packs. I haven’t completely given up, though, but each day that passes gets me that much closer to doing just that. So, how does this affect you? Essentially, if you were in my Topps ’13S1 jumbo case break, you may be waiting for some cards from me. Obviously, I cannot send you any Silver Slate redemption cards that I may owe you until they arrive–IF they arrive. As you may know, however, if you were part of that break and a subsequent break (Turkey Red or Heritage), I have been holding your cards so I could ship any Silver Slates you may get along with the remaining cards that I owe you.

I do not like holding your cards hostage, and I wouldn’t blame you if you felt the same. So, here is what I propose. If you would like, I will send out your outstanding cards next week if I receive no Silver Slate packs by the end of this week. Please leave a comment here letting me know if you’d like me to send your cards next week. If I do not hear from you, I will assume that you are willing to wait a little longer for Silver Slates. If any Silver Slates do arrive after I’ve sent your cards, I will send any Silver Slate cards ASAP in a separate mailing.

The following people are owed cards. Please let me know whether you’d like your cards or if you’d like to wait.

Alex O. Spring Fever, Turkey Red
Anthony P. Spring Fever
Bobby W. Spring Fever, Heritage
Brad S. Turkey Red, Heritage
Deb U. Spring Fever, Turkey Red, Heritage
Farrell Q. Spring Fever
Isaac S. Turkey Red
James H. Turkey Red, Heritage
Jim H. Spring Fever
Jim K. Spring Fever
Keegan O. Turkey Red
Kent R. Turkey Red
Luke H. Turkey Red
Rich B. Spring Fever, Turkey Red, Heritage
Rod R. Turkey Red, Heritage
Ross M. Spring Fever, Heritage
Matt P. Spring Fever
Mike G. Spring Fever
Sam P. Spring Fever, Turkey Red
Sooz Spring Fever, Turkey Red
Tom K. Spring Fever
  1. keegan o says:

    I can wait. hope we get some slate

  2. Kent R says:

    i’ll wait it out another week.

  3. I can wait. If you want to save some scratch just send them with the A&g break.

  4. And if you were wondering: the slate cards are SWEET, fully-framed, Masterpieces style.

  5. gcrl says:

    hey topher – i can wait it out. thanks for the update, though. it is appreciated.

  6. Matt says:

    I’m in no hurry, I say we wait it out ;)

  7. weavahvbc says:

    i’m cool with waiting too…if i get antsy though, i reserve the right to change my mind. ;)

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