Ladies and Gentlemen, My Wife, “The Over-Thinker”

Posted: March 23, 2013 by Crackin' Wax in General
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Have you met my wife? If ever the term “better half” applied appropriately to anyone, it’s without a doubt to me. I mean, just look at that smile…

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Isn’t she adorable? I swear, I’d get 100 times the traffic if SHE were the one crackin’ wax. My wife, who goes by the blogger alias “The Over-Thinker,” just wrote the most hilarious post you’ll read in quite some time. It’s a life event that, sadly, I did not witness in person but have lived over and over again through a host of late-night wine-drowned story-tellings–and the story NEVER gets old. I feel for the poor girl, I do, but she’s come to embrace the embarrassment and OWN that biznitch. Since she’s sharing with her friends, she’s invited me to share her pain with my friends.

Here’s a taste…

Let me begin by saying that immediately following this experience, I phoned my mom to vent about the mortification and halfway through my story, she said she needed to call me back because she was having trouble breathing from laughing so hard. My mom, ladies and gentlemen – a cheerleader for the ages! Truth be told, she’s been clued in to my idiocy for a few decades so I think she simply chooses to see these trials as sheer entertainment, rather than supportive opportunities. She doesn’t toss in “oh it can’t be that bad” when I tell her she’ll never believe what I just did; she knows better. Just scroll through the archives of this blog and you’ll see that I’ve given her plenty of material.

Please do her a favor and read her horrifyingly hilarious post. For those who don’t like to laugh at other people, please do her a favor and appreciate what an amazing writer she is.

Love you, hun!

  1. Over-Thinker says:

    You are wonderful-ish for doing this :-) Your support is wonderful.
    I should write about my experience with baseball cards. Wait – how about I just do that here:

    My husband knows baseball cards; I know my husband. The end.


  2. Steve Z says:

    That is classic! Your wife sounds like a beautiful, wonderful person. You ARE a lucky guy.

  3. Debbie says:

    Great post, Topher. Big hellos to the Mrs. I know she knows of me, and I’m a big fan of hers :)

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