Topps Heritage BoBuBingo – GAME OVER!

Posted: March 15, 2013 by Crackin' Wax in BoBuBingo
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It is now 7pm Central and no one has claimed a full card Bingo. That means that the hits will remain with their respective winners from the live portion of the game. Before I reveal to you the hits and who won them, a quick reflection of the game.

I’m nothing if not flexible. Well, physically I’m not as flexible as I’d like to be. I’ve been trying to reach my toes for YEARS now, and… NOPE! Still not there. It means that I’m willing to learn during the process and to change to make things easier, more enjoyable and more accessible. In the past, if multiple people called a Bingo simultaneously, the tie would go to the first person that I saw call while the others were shut out. Mid-game, I shifted the rules a bit to accomodate the players. I feel that adopting the new shifted rule will benefit future games and may attract more players. The rule will now be that you may only call a bingo on the last number that was called. If I call another number before you are able to call your bingo, your bingo is no longer valid. I was able to make this change mid-game by asking the players to provide the number with which they called their bingo. If multiple players called bingo simultaneously, I would check each card in the order in which I saw them called. You may be seeing a slight problem with this rule–as do I. Lag. Plain and simple lag. The solution to the lag issue was instituted mid-game. Essentially, I extended the “last number” rule to three numbers. Simply put, you have a grace period of three called numbers to get your bingo called before it is no longer valid. This helps speed up the game, keeps players from purposely stalling and allows for internet lag. That way no one gets passed up and I don’t have to hold up the game for so long just to make sure that no one is hanging onto their bingo until the last minute to snipe a hit they want.

I also feel that Heritage might not have been the best product to use for BoBuBingo. With only 1 hit per box, I felt I needed to purchase at least two boxes to make the game worth playing. However, with so many cards in each box, not only did it cause the game to take much longer than necessary, it also created a ridiculous amount of bingos–which also holds the game up. Don’t get me wrong, it was AMAZING how many bingos there were, but I did not want to hold folks hostage into the wee hours of the evening, especially those of you with little tikes and early morning commitments. It also makes watching the replay videos a chore. Who the heck has 4 extra hours to watch all of that? I sure don’t. I still haven’t watched them back… which is surprising given how much of a narcissist I am. *WINK*

With that said, I am always open to suggestions. Please don’t be afraid to offer up ways to improve the game.

Now, how ’bout those two boxes of Heritage? Firstly, I will say that they were fairly intriguing to rip into. The first box was a hot box compared to the second box. The first box contained the 1 advertised hit, a Venezuelan variation, a regular Chrome parallel and 2 action variation SSPs. The second box yielded its 1 advertised hit, a regular chrome and 1 color variation.


Box 1 Toploader – Stamped Original

Box 1 Action Variation SSP

Box 1 Action Variation SSP

Box 1 Venezuelan Variation

Box 2 Toploader – Stamped Original

Box 2 Color Variation

Not a bad mix of short prints. Wish I would have pulled an error short print but, as far as I could tell, I did not. Also, I misspoke during the video. The Senators Stamped Original does NOT go to the Nationals slot holder. Since it was the post 1961 expansion Senators that later moved and were renamed the Texas Rangers, that card will go to the Box 1 Rangers slot holder.

Now… before we get into the hits… we had an INCREDIBLE 37 bingos! (“In a row?” –obligatory “Clerks” joke) The most we’ve ever had before this game was 16. Of course, I produced 60+ bingo cards for this game–the most I’ve ever done for any one game before. Also, a record 9 different people claimed bingos during the live game–yet another record. Being that only two hits were pulled with all those bingos, the hits were passed around and back and forth like a box of Milk Duds–the most apologetic of candies (-obligatory “Big Bang Theory” reference). One hit in particular proved to be quite popular, being passed around TWENTY times. To be fair, one certain female friend of the blog was bound and determined to end up with that hit. As a matter of fact, this certain female won more bingos than anyone else, 8, and went after the aforementioned hit 5 times after being the first to be awarded said hit. She was going after that card so hard it made me wonder if she has a no-longer-secret hardcore crush on the player featured on the card. Unfortunately, she did not end up with that hit. The hit in question was pulled out of the first box and was ultimately won by swanssy, better known as John of Waxtopia.

The New Unofficial Spokesperson of BoBuBingo

The second hit, pulled out of box 2, wasn’t quite as popular. To be fair, part of the reason Dee was so popular with the lady–and the guys–was because it was being passed around before the second hit was even pulled. Of course, bingo winners had the option to take a chance on the second hit before it was pulled, but many people opted to go with the known. There were also those that absolutely detest the Dodgers and wanted nothing to do with a Dee Gordon GU, but that’s a completely different story. The second hit was finally awarded during the final pack of the game to a guy you may have heard of. His name is swanssy, better known as John of Waxtopia. No, that is not a typo.

THE HUUUUUUUD! lolbarves

In an unprecedented turn of events, the same player won BOTH hits without having to win the full board Grand Prize!

Thank you so much to those who played and to those who hung in there with me for three and a half hours during the live game. Congratulations to John, the big winner!

Heritage packages are being sorted and packed and will start going out next week. If I owe you any Spring Fever and/or Silver Slates, your Heritage cards will be mailed after/if the Silver Slate packs arrive. Some other people have gotten their Silver Slate packs already, so if I do get any, I hope they’ll arrive by the end of next week.


Details of the Allen & Ginter’s Charity Case Break will be made public in the next few days. It’s gonna be…

  1. Debbie says:

    I’m still not over it.

    I kid, I kid! I’m happy swanssy was able to come off with a big win.
    Had that been an Utley relic pulled, there would have been tears :)

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