What’s That Behind Your Ear? It’s a Diamond!

Posted: March 7, 2013 by Crackin' Wax in autographs, Minnesota Twins
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It’s a big, vast, large, enormous, insert-10-more-adjectives-describing-grand-size-here collecting world. Each avenue you take possesses its own set of advantages. Twitter, of course, is a fairly convenient hub or gateway to other collectors. Late one night as many of us were tearing through our boxes of online-exclusive 2013 Turkey Reds, I was perusing my Twitter timeline. Another collector that I follow retweeted another breaker’s tweet about the autos they had pulled. One of them happened to be the only one that I was after–and was completely shut out of in our Turkey Red break here. It was the common auto of Scott Diamond. If I am correct, it is also his very first commercially issued autograph card. In excitement and, in all honesty, little confidence that I’d be able to actually wrangle the card away from said tweeter, I asked what it would take to wrangle the card away from said tweeter.

Turns out all that was needed was my address.

Umm… excuse me?

This person who I’ve never seen on Twitter before, who I don’t know, who also has no idea who I am, is just gonna plain old give me Scott Diamond’s first ever autograph card FOR FREE?

Well, skeptics? I relieve you of your skepticism. Behold…

click to view larger version

Don’tcha just love how he signs the “D” like it’s a little diamond? Well… kinda. It’s more of a box… but STILL! FREE CARD!

So, who in the card collecting world was so generous to this mere Twins FC/RC AU collector? It’s a fellow group breaker that goes by the name of Houdini! See? Now the post title makes sense! Houdini takes residence at Houdini’s House of Cards where it’s all about group breaks and great times.

Thank you, Houdini, for the great addition to my personal collection! I urge all of you to go sign up at his forum and take a look around. He’s good people!

  1. Steve z says:

    Holy cow!

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