Topps Heritage BoBuBingo – Next Week!

Posted: March 6, 2013 by Crackin' Wax in BoBuBingo, Group Break, Heritage, Topps
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Today is the big day! …and by “big day” I simply mean the day that 2013 Heritage was to officially street. My boxes are on their way and should get here by Friday. Since BoBuBingo takes place the first Wednesday after product arrives, we’ll be bingo-ing it up BIG time at 7pm central next Wednesday, March 13!

Until then, let me lay some cold facts on ya. Any non-hit non-baseball cards pulled will be distributed randomly among the participants. Any non-baseball hits pulled will, of course, be up for BoBuBingo. If a non-baseball hit is pulled and no one wins that card, that hit will be randomly awarded to 1 participant that is without a hit. ALSO, should either box include a box loader, that box loader will be opened before any other packs in its respective box. Should there be a hit in that box loader, it WILL count towards BoBuBingo.

We will now be including Error Short Prints, Washington Senators Variations, any card #/99 or lower and any buyback of any kind.

If you were not here for the live game, you could still win! You have until 7pm central on Friday March 15 2013 to claim any prizes you may have won by leaving a comment on the main Topps Heritage BoBuBingo page. If you are here during the live game, you can only claim any prizes you may have won in the chat room of the Crackin’ Wax UStream channel. A free UStream account is required in order to participate.

If you have never played BoBuBingo before and are curious about how it works, please watch this video of a game we did last year. It should help! (Please note–the video is from last year and some aspects of that game do not apply i.e. “Red Number BoBuBingo”)

See you next week!


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