Topps Heritage BoBuBingo: SOLD OUT!!

Posted: March 1, 2013 by Crackin' Wax in BoBuBingo, Group Break
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In just a matter of hours we went from having 6 team slots in Box 1 and 6 random slots in Box 2 to being completely sold out! You guys freakin’ ROCK MY SOCKS! Thank you all so much for getting in on this super fun game. We’re gonna have a blast! Now that the slots are all filled, I can officially schedule the game. Just go to the Topps Heritage BoBuBingo page and scroll down to the bottom for that information. Also, I will be able to randomize the teams for Box 2. This will be done LIVE on my UStream Channel at 7pm CST TONIGHT. Your names will be entered into just as they were filled on the sign-up board and then randomized. Afterwards, the Teams will be entered alphabetically by team name (not city name) and then randomized. The resulting lists will then be paired up to complete the random assignments. The slots will then be entered into the sign-up board and filtered alphabetically by your names to make it easier to find which team(s) is/are yours.

The remaining BoBuBingo cards will be mailed out no later than Monday morning. Everyone should have their cards in plenty of time before the game. Product is scheduled to be released early next week. I do not anticipate receiving my boxes until late next week. Please let me know if you have not yet received your BoBuBingo cards from me by next Friday.

Thanks again, everyone! We’re gonna have a great time!


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