Topps Selling Rated-R Merchandise? NOT SAFE FOR WORK OR CHILDREN!!

Posted: February 28, 2013 by Crackin' Wax in Topps
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I have to say, I am a bit shocked and dismayed at Topps’ decision to not only sell this shirt but to display it on their website. The reason for my shock? Kids. For years, Topps, their brand and their website had been ultimately kid-friendly. I have to say that this move disturbs me. I don’t mind that the shirt exists. If it were sold in a more appropriate venue by a more appropriate not-so-kid-friendly outlet, well, that’s an entirely different matter altogether. However, Topps, part-owned by former Disney CEO Michael Eisner, could be doing damage to their kid-friendly image with merchandise like this.

UPDATE: I am now displaying an altered version of the actual shirt made available by Topps.

Here’s the listing on their site with unaltered lettering: CHASE UTLEY’S GARB

UPDATE #2: Topps has removed the listing.

  1. Mark says:

    100% spot on. You beat me to the punch with this post, and you stated the sentiment it perfectly.

    Lately it seems like Topps is being run by Artie Lange. Pretty disappointing for a brand that I grew up loving.

  2. dawgbones says:

    I’ve seen this shirt, and other similar ones as well, and as a Phillies Phan, would not buy, or wear it. and agree with you 100%

  3. strowyrm says:

    It probably won’t do anything but I left a “review” for thier “moderation”. Utley I understand being caught up in the emotion, etc. But Topps to blatantly say its “tasteless” and profit off of it is unexcusable. More motivation to invest in other options.

  4. Steve z says:

    Agree, inappropriate

  5. @SWLVguy says:

    So i will be logging into the twitterverse to see how this one plays out. Yes I own shirts of questionable wording. But never would contribute to Topps coffers for something like this.Also I rarely wear those shirts except around the house to work on the car etc. What are they thinking? When it comes to Topps thinking and motivation I refer to an old adage….”Why ask Why?” ,or what. IMO just another slide down the hill for them as a company catering to kids.

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