Take My Turkey Red!

Posted: February 26, 2013 by Crackin' Wax in Take My Cards, Topps, Turkey Red
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Last night we had a fairly successful 10-box break of Topps’ online exclusive 2013 Turkey Red. Only 1 team got completely shut out and, thankfully for my breakers, it was my slot–the Twins. As promised, I pulled 1 auto out of every box. Most were high numbered, but I did pull /20 and a SP parallel /10. The only unfortunate part (unless your name is Kent or Luke) is the amount of dupe autos that were pulled.

click to view larger version

click to view larger version

Four other breakers did get some NICE autos, though…

click to view larger version

But the surprise of the night? I pulled, not one… but TWO 1/1 printing plates!

click to view larger version

Unfortunately, the Indians slot ended up going unpaid after all. Since I’m the only one that got shut out, I’ve decided to give up all the Indians Turkey Red cards pulled last night! These cards are highlighted in red in the Take My Cards database. That means that they count as 2 yellow highlighted cards. You may only claim a maximum of 1 Turkey Red card at a time. If you claim a Turkey Red card, you may not request any yellow highlighted cards, but you may request up to 18 other commons in the database.

Ready for some free cards?? Go on! Get on up to Take My Cards!!


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