A Dimwit’d Gypsy Queen Case Break

Posted: February 11, 2013 by Crackin' Wax in 2013, Case Break, Gypsy Queen, Topps
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My buddy boy, Sam, who is totally not a girl in any way shape or form, is holding his very own 2013 Topps Gypsy Queen case break! Since I decided to pass on doing my own, I thought I’d point my breakers towards his. While I’ll be gearing up for a totally awesome Allen & Ginter group case break raffle, my man Sam, totally male, is currently taking $25 deposits on team slots for his ridiculously cool Gypsy Queen case break.

Here’s the lowdown of what’s going down. Since no full checklist of the 13GQ set exists at this time, he is taking $25 deposits for each team slot you’d like to lock up. He’s also guaranteeing that, once he’s able to set slot pricing, no slot will be more than $65. He’s also going to be pooling all the dupes together and building full base sets and randomly awarding them to lucky participants of the case break! With as many cards as there will be pulled out of the case, who knows how many full base sets he’ll be able to put together?! Not only that, he’s freshening the air with a skunk rule. If, out of the 40 advertised hits in the case, your team slot doesn’t get a single hit, you’ll get an additional entry for a full base set!

The full details and sign-up is at Sam’s blog, The Daily Dimwit. Go join now!!


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