2013 Topps S1 Blaster Buster: Coming Soon

Posted: January 30, 2013 by Crackin' Wax in 2013, Blaster Buster, Topps
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I can confirm that I did, in fact, find plenty of 2013 Topps Series 1 baseball cards. I can also confirm that I did, in fact, purchase one blaster at WalMart. I can also confirm that I did, in fact, bust that blaster and record the event live as it happened. Unfortunately, I made the mistake of recording it in HD on the camera that I use for Varsity Trading Cards. That means that the video probably won’t be ready on YouTube until tomorrow.

Do not fret, do not fear… once that bad boy goes up, so will the cards. Up into Take My Cards, that is. While we’re waiting for that and for the video to finish uploading, I can reveal to you these nice little cards that I pulled.

I would like to share with you some quick thoughts about the break.

First, upon a quick glance, the things that I feel that Topps did well and/or improved upon. The design is ALMOST PERFECT. They did a great job of continuing the design theme to the back of the cards, which is essential for consistency. Collation, at least for this blaster, was amazing. Only one dupe that I remember pulling and it was a parallel. The ratio of inserts to base was well-balanced. I felt like completing the base set would not be as tedious as in the past with having to wade through too many unnecessary inserts. The inserts that I thought were good (specifically the Cut to the Chase die cut and the ’72 Minis) are amazing. The coating on the base cards seem different–and in a good way. They feel closer to thick photo stock and slightly less glossy. I’ll bet these cards would accept ink without bleeding and smudging much more easily than recent flagship base sets. More specific to the blaster boxes themselves, I was quite happy to see that the use of the terms such as “PLUS 1 BONUS PACK” and “ADDED VALUE” were eliminated. The reason being that, in the past, every Topps blaster you could find claimed to have X number of packs plus 1 bonus pack which somehow added value to that blaster. To me, this was a false statement–if every blaster had a bonus pack, then there is no inherent added value. Instead, Topps added a blaster-only bonus card–either a manupatch or a rookie manurelic.

Secondly, upon a quick glance, the things that I feel that Topps did poorly and/or could improve upon. While the “infield” design is welcome to these eyes, the faded striping on the bottom right corner seems out of place and poorly executed. I would suggest either extending the striping across and over to the bottom left to deal with the awkward empty white-space, changing the faded stripes to a solid color or just plain old getting rid of them completely. Also, the placement of some additional graphics, such as the Topps Rookie Cup, seem to be floating just above the infield corner of the border design instead of anchored evenly with the Topps logo. Anchoring it evenly into a squared corner or in line with the Topps logo would help with its BUMPE (balance, unity, movement, placement and execution). While I may not be a fan of the Chasing the Dream and the Chasing History inserts, they certainly play their roles well as inserts. To me, those particular inserts look like something ESPN might design if they produced baseball cards (which I hope someday they do if only for the competition).

Of course, I’ll be a lot more in-depth after I bust open the case and do my full review.

It looks like the case will not get here today. That means that, sadly, the earliest I will be able to conduct the case break here is next Wednesday at 7pm Central. I was really hoping it would have arrived today so we could tear into it tonight. On the bright side, that gives us a little more time for you to get signed up for the jumbo hobby box giveaway and the 2013 Topps Heritage BoBuBingo Group Break!


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