ebay Thievery – Part 2: Die Eyre Von Satan

Posted: November 24, 2012 by Crackin' Wax in ebay Thievery
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It’s that time again. Yep! Time to slip out of ebay with yet another card to fold into my personal collection at ridiculously low cost. Even if the card in question holds very little value, there’s no way I could have found this at a lower price anywhere else–even on Black Friday.

This particular card was, for whatever reason, never on my Want List, even though it fits my Want List criteria. That being it has to be a Twins RC AU. I prefer current Twins RC AUs, but at this price, just about ANY Twins RC AU will do–so long as the player on the card is wearing a Twins jersey, anyway.

Willie Eyre 2006 Topps Chrome RC AU

Perusing my saved search “Minnesota Twins Autographs,” I came across this inked up shiny cardboard with a very low starting bid point. I wasn’t necessarily looking for this particular card, but the chance at another steal piqued my interest, so I added it to my watch list. With only three seconds left on the auction, I put in the only bid on this card. I walked away with yet another Twins RC AU on the cheap, and this time I paid only ten cents. That’s right, kiddies. One. American. Dime. The smallest physical coin in current U.S. currency. Now, the $1.99 shipping when it came delivered in a PWE with a $0.45 forever stamp is a whole other story altogether. The card itself, however, was a freakin’ bargain.

But… this Willie Eyre character. Is his RC AU even worth a dime? Sure, but probably not much more than that. William is currently a free agent and was last seen pitching on the Major League level with the Baltimore Orioles in 2011 (further adding to my theory that Baltimore is the Twins’ dumping grounds). He was picked up by the Twins in 1999 and finally made his MLB debut with Minnesota in 2006, only to be dumped by them the same year. He made appearances with the Texas Rangers, ended up with Tommy John surgery (what’s that? Another Minnesota Twins pitcher going thru TJ surgery? NO WAY!) and even fiddled around in the Oakland minor league system. As of June 2012, Eyre returned to the Rangers organization as a reliever with their AAA affiliate, the Round Rock Express.

So, sure. Perhaps his card isn’t a high priority get for any collector and, sorry to say, it really wasn’t for me, either. However, when you see something well-suited for your PC that costs nothing more than pocket change, it’s almost foolish to pass it up.


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