BIG NEWS Re: Topps ’13 S1 Jumbo Case Break Raffle! Half Slots and Community Dupes!!

Posted: November 3, 2012 by Crackin' Wax in Case Break, Topps
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I’ve been getting a LOT of good feedback from many of you regarding my first ever case break. All of your helpful comments and questions has led me to make some AMAZING additions to this already HUGE case break! Starting tonight, most team slots will be divided into half slots. That means getting in on my first-ever case break will be more affordable. Don’t worry, you can still get full team slots–just pay for both halves! I’m also adding another great idea from you awesome readers out there–something I’m calling Community Dupes. Anyone participating in the break, even those who have already paid for their slots, have the option of giving up their base card doubles (dupes) to put into a pile of other base card doubles given up by other participants. What happens next? I spread all of the base card dupes around to those that gave up their own dupes!

Most team slots have been divided into Half A and Half B half slots. During the break, all cards from the first half of the break (Boxes 1 and 2 and the first half of Box 3) will be given to those who have paid for Half A slots, then all cards from the second half of the break (Boxes 4 and 5 and the second half of Box 3) will be given to those who have paid for Half B slots. If you would like all of the cards from a given team, simply pay for both Half A and Half B slots of that team. Don’t worry, if you’re only getting a half slot, you will still get a free slot in the raffle. Please keep in mind, however, that you get one free raffle slot for each full team slot you purchase. That means that, while you get a free raffle slot with a half team slot, you cannot get a second free raffle slot until you secure the equivalent of at least two full team slots.

0.5 – 1.5 Team Slots = 1 Free Raffle Slot
2 – 2.5 Team Slots = 2 Free Raffle Slots
3 – 3.5 Team Slots = 3 Free Raffle Slots

For instance, if you purchased three half slots of three separate teams and one full slot of a fourth team, you would not get four free raffle slots. You would actually get two free raffle slots.

You have the option of giving up your base dupes to be set into a pile of “Community Dupes.” For those that decide to relinquish their base dupes, they will receive a random assortment of cards from the Community Dupes pile. Those that wish to keep their base dupes will not receive any cards from the Community Dupes pile. Theoretically, this could allow you to not only complete your team’s base set but also take home a decent portion of the entire base set. You would still retain all of your team’s parallels, inserts, hits, etc. When paying for your team slot(s), be sure to tell me if you’d like to KEEP your base dupes or GIVE your base dupes to the Community Dupes.

Need more info? Ready to sign up? Just head up to the Topps ’13 S1 Jumbo Case Break Raffle tab at the top of the blog!


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