Introducing The “Take My Cards” Naughty List!

Posted: October 7, 2012 by Crackin' Wax in Take My Cards
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One of the most popular features of this blog is Take My Cards, an area of the blog filled with cards that I neither want nor need that you, the loyal followers of Crackin’ Wax, can take for nothing more than a SASE!

Taking cards from the blog is simple. Request your cards and send a SASE within 30 days. If your SASE does not get here within the allotted time, the cards are once again made available. Unfortunately, there have been some who have requested cards but have not sent their SASEs–some on multiple occasions. This holds up cards from other people who also may want them. It isn’t very fair to the rest of the loyal Crackin’ Wax followers, especially those who send their SASEs in a timely fashion.

Intentionally holding cards without the intent of sending a SASE for them WILL NOT be tolerated!

Starting tomorrow, anyone whose SASEs are either late or simply do not arrive will be listed in the “Take My Cards” Naughty List. Your number of offenses will also be documented. Also, much like in baseball, after 3 strikes, you’re out! That means upon your third offense, you will be permanently banned from Take My Cards.

I really hate to put the hammer down like this, especially when all I want to do is spread the cardboard love, but I feel at this point it’s a measure that must be taken.

A VERY big thank you to those who consistently and properly send your SASEs to me within the 30 day period!

  1. dawgbones says:

    That post title could SOOOOOO go down a different road!! LMAO

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