Panini Cooperstown Charity BoBuBingo: ANNOUNCEMENT

Posted: August 23, 2012 by Crackin' Wax in BoBuBingo, Panini
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This is by far the BIGGEST thing to happen here at Crackin’ Wax since the first time we played BoBuBingo here a few years back and our good friend Night Owl took in the big prize. As some of you may already know or have heard rumblings of thru the twit-vine, Panini is partnering with Crackin’ Wax for a special game of BoBuBingo! Panini has agreed to donate a sealed hobby box of Cooperstown Collection to be used for the next game of BoBuBingo. Not only that, but they are also donating a special surprise grand prize–a BoBuBingo Redemption! It’s such a surprise that I don’t even have a clue what it is yet!

This game is going to be a bit different than in the past. Firstly, this will NOT be a group break. All cards that are not awarded will be given away in the Take My Cards section of the blog. Secondly, unlike in past games, you can now play with as many BoBuBingo cards as you like! Lastly, and perhaps my favorite part of the deal, each BoBuBingo card is just $5 and ALL proceeds will be donated to the American Red Cross! That’s right, Wax Crackers–I’m not making a single penny. That means that not only will we get to have a good time busting some cool new product while playing a fun game in which we can guarantee at least one winner, we’ll also be helping out a really great cause!

PLEASE do not send money at this time! I will post a special PayPal Donation button on the blog some time after the current game of BoBuBingo has ended.

I encourage you to spread the word to as many collectors and bloggers as you can and, when the time comes, to get yourselves as many BoBuBingo cards as you can! Remember, they’re only $5 each and your money will be donated to a really great cause.

Please give Panini a visit, and by all means, give @PaniniAmerica a shout out on Twitter about this Charity #BoBuBingo!

Keep your eye out on the blog for future details and specifics. Until then, keep crackin’!


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